Hello, welcome to our website and especially to this ďabout usĒ section. Our names are Graham and Emma Maxwell and we live in southern Scotland, just a few miles from Gretna Green. My husband Graham started researching his own genealogy over twenty years ago. Soon after that, friends began to ask him to work on their family tree. Then people started paying him to do their genealogy work and the business grew from there.

In those days the system was quite different, you were brought the original books to your desk from where you could take notes. This was obviously very time consuming and over time the books would wear out. So the GRO then provided copies on microfiche: there was a computer index, you got the reference, filled out an orange slip then went and found the correct microfiche out of the drawer. Although this safeguarded the books it was still very slow. Now, of course, you see the images on the new computers speeding up the whole process. This means we can have more time to add detail to family trees.

We have now got great experience in researching all kinds of interesting documents to make you family tree come alive. You will see in the family tree section of the website a selection of resources we can use - however, there are endless resources available so just email us and let us know what you need and we will see what we can do for you.

Not long before we got married Graham told me that he had transcribed the 1851 census for Castleton Parish, Roxburghshire. I asked him why, and he said "well, I have to look at often, it so itís just easier just to transcribe the whole thing." So if Graham found it useful to have a transcription, would not other people? And that is where the census transcriptions started for us.

More recently we have indexed the prison registers of the Scottish Borders and are now busy transcribing parish registers in southern Scotland which have been previously 'hidden', those which are not included in the Church of Scotland Old Parish Registers (OPRs). These are either found among the Church of Scotland Kirk Session records, or among the records of other churches.

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