Valuation rolls (1855-1989)

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Between 1855 and 1989 records were collected for every landed property throughout Scotland, recording the address, proprietor, tenant, occupier, annual value of dwelling, feu-duty or ground annual and yearly rental value.

So how can these records help you trace the history of your house? Well they where collected every year so provide a clear history of occupants/owners and value of the house. This differs from the census as the census was only taken every 10 years. Also all the records are open to the public so they are of particular use after 1901. We have a valuation roll for Dumfriesshire so take a look and see what we're taking about.

Another advantage of the valuation rolls is the layout of the records; they make it easy to find the house you ancestors lived in even when the census does not. This helps add interest to your genealogy.

These records take time to search but can prove useful, we offer a 3 year search (years of your choice) to start with although we can search more years obviously. We charge 40 for this service, which includes our time, copies of the entries you require and worldwide postage.

If you would like more information on this service please email me but if you would like to go ahead just add it to the cart and we will contact you for search specifics.

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