No. 6. Saturday, March 10, 1832. Price Three Halfpence.

Page Articles
41Discovery and Punishment of Murder by Circumstantial Evidence; A Tale of the Forty-Five.
42A Tale of the Forty-Five (continued).
43A Tale of the Forty-Five (continued).
44Origin and Progress of the Art of Printing; Damascus; The French and British Drama.
45Biographic Sketches, Dr. Alex. Murray – Concluded.
46Dr. Chalmers’s Prayer on the Pestilences; Rules of Good Breeding; Sandy Wood’s plan of Supporting a Wife; Inoculating Cheese; Angel; White-Headed Sea Eagle; Bears of the Andes; Byron on the Immortality of the Soul; Showers of Blood.
47Gardening – March; Emigration; A Few Grave Jokes, From “Chambers’s Scottish Jests and Anecdotes.”; Confining Jurors from Meat and Drink; Bible Societies.
48Column for the Boys; The Thames; The Town of Delft; Land Tax in England; Perfectibility; The Intoxicating Elephants.

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