1841 Census

County NamePeeblesshire
Parish NameInnerleithen
Enumeration District1
Enumeration Page3
Notes on Locationmany schedules do not appear to have been eumerated in geographical order; precise location uncertain
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NameOther NameAgeSexOccupationCounty of Birth 18511861SpouseNotes
John Dobson 30MSp. Deal.Peeblesshire LinkLinksee MI Innerleithen 27
Helen DobsonOrmiston30F Peeblesshire LinkNot Alivedied 6 September 1851
John Dobson 11MWoolen H.L.W. Ap.Peeblesshire LinkLinkto marry Jane Sharpe
Thomas Dobson 9M Peeblesshire LinkLinkto marry Rebecca Murray Inglis
James Dobson 7M Peeblesshire LinkLinkLinkto marry Jessie Stein
Robert Dobson 5M Peeblesshire LinkLink 
Helen Dobson 3F Peeblesshire LinkLink 
William Dobson 1M Peeblesshire LinkLink 
Agnes Brodie 12FF. S.Peeblesshire  

Source Citation
1841 Census, Parish of Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, Enumeration Book 1, Page 3; Index, Maxwell Ancestry (http://www.maxwellancestry.com/census/41transcript.aspx?houseid=76201013: accessed 24 Jun 2018); Original Source: 1841 Scotland Census, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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